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I personally believe this article is too focused on the dark-side of life and getting a career not only in an English Major but any focus a student may adventure on.  That is the key, how the student focuses on life.

Sorry folks there is no clear cut yes or no to life.  Even when the economy is booming, there will be hard times in all walks of life.  We cannot escape it.  Like a rainbow, there are different varieties in how things can be done.  The goal that is usually not considered is how one goes about doing something.  Life is too short to waist.

For me, I love writing.  I am writing this blog post.  I would love to have a career in one way or the other in writing.  My goals are following my dreams and work hard at it.  In today’s technology, there are countless things an English Major can do and make money doing it.  What is called for the students under an English major is to work hard and find out what they want to do once they have their degree–if not before they get it.  That is why so many do not get a career.  Yes, a big issue is the economy, but that does not have anything to do with following one’s dreams.

America is still about ‘if you work hard enough, you can do anything you want to do.’  The biggest issue is most do not want to take the next steps.  They fail short due to they do not put their whole desires into it.  Employers see that, and why they are not hired for the job.  It is not just a ‘dog eat dog world,’ but being something in life does take the ultimate initiative that far too many refuse to partake.  As we all are in a very bad economy, it does not make it easy, but any of us can get any career if we can prove to the employers that are looking for new blood from colleges.

It is more than saying ‘follow your dreams.’  It is what one is willing to do in order to achieve those dreams.  It is never the major or career a students chooses, but the means of reaching that goal.

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