I just got through watching a recording of a 2007 History Channel called, “Amazing Story of Superman.” Since 1938 the one comic book character has enlighten people around the world to this very day.

With calamities that seems to get bigger each and every time they hit, we still hold on this super character because, Superman has shown us we are special. There is no religion dogmas about what he has taught us over 76 years, but we still follow the enlightenments that he continually gives us. We are the supermen of our own destiny. The journey is in us. We are that light and not in Superman at all, but through him, we have shined through all our adversities that life has hit us with and will continue to do so.

Due to we are facing more and more adversities, it seems that our hope is waning like a gliding ten ton rock. Sadly hope has turned into conspiracies in every direction and has tried to fulfill the emptiness that still haunts us today. We as a people fear more and more and believe all the irrationality because we simply want the pain to go away of all our—what seems to be—undeserved suffering. What did you do to have all this on us? It does not matter if it is somehow our fault, we do not have to continue down the deep and fast moving incline of our predicaments.

Through conspiracy theories, we try to put our tormented soul in a euphoria of disbelieve. It is the government’s fault because they have done everything wrong and keep taxing us more and more. They constantly lie to us so much… it is hard to know what is true anymore. The truth of the matter, we are have faults and we lie. That is just a quality that make us human. That is not an excuse but a simple explanation. There is no hidden agendas from our government. Each department is just doing the same thing we all do not do in every day life… not work together for the common good of the people that voted for them.

One of the biggest conspiracies out there is the assassination of JFK on November 22, 1963. How can a chinless loser that did nothing for nobody even the people of his own government at that time… the U.S.S.R. thought he was a loser so low, you have to dig him up to notice how he could ever murder the most loved public official throughout the world? It was unthinkable! The same for General Patton that was murdered by a drunk. In life horrible things happen for any reason no matter the class one lives in.

There is no reason to hate or burn people to the stake with our words. You also do not murder someone because they may not follow your form of life as you would want them too. The worst conspiracies are not the radicals ones mentioned, but the ones that disallow a group (small or large) not to live in the same sunshine as you. When I saw the scene of the television show “Smallville,”—in this television special of Superman—when the teenage Clark Kent was tied in the field, I thought of Matthew Shepard that was tied in a very similar may and left to die because it was gay in Laramie, WY. Superman is a reflection of our good side that is crying to get out.

President Kennedy once said, “For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.” I can see how easy it was for many to believe the conspiracies of his assignation. How can a man that presented the good in all of us be murdered for no reason whatsoever by a loser that is not worth pond scum? Just the same it happened. I believe if we simply accept that things in life does not always end like a fairytale, then we can grab on to hope a lot easier. Hope and love are the most power things in the universe throughout time and space.

It appears to me that religion does not give us the hope and love we need because so many authorities of religions leads people do blow up abortion clinics and say that God told me to do it. People like Sophie Lancaster, Matthew Shepard, and so many others that happen to be living a lifestyle far different get murdered in the name of conspiracy and hate. There is no hope for a nation that is driven by it. There is no truth and justice in murdering others. Superman is the emblem of truth and justice as our Constitution of the United States of America.

The meaning of this super hero did not die due to too many movies were made or how they were made. The ideal of living as this hero has taught us died due to the same reason we treated the military like crap when they came back from the Vietnam War. We lost ourselves because of our own choosing. We cannot blame anyone else but ourselves. We lost being the greatest country in the world because of the way we think.

Either we continue to behave as we have done, or we look not just at ourselves but from within. If you do not like what you see, then I suggest that you do something about it. Fine hope is a lot easier than you may think. All you need to do is “find the light from within yourself and allow it to flow through you.”

I started writing a fan fiction saga of Star Wars & Stargate SG1 in 2002. All the way back to 1994, NAFTA became law. Americans lost nearly 900,000 jobs by that law all at once. The dotcoms fell with the stock market. We got attacked on September 11, 2001, the needless war in Iraq, and the economy continued to fall. When President Obama was sworn into office the first six month of the beginning of his first term over 600,000 jobs were lost each month. That is around 4 million jobs. I have eleven stories so far posted at http://samcarterstory.wordpress.com/ and I am writing on the 12th one now.

These stories are not just about great science fiction stories, but how we can live throughout all our adversities. These stories starts out with a lonely Captain in the United States Air Force gets kidnapped, tortured, put into slavery and mentally tortured beyond anything she ever experienced without know who or why. As the stories continue to grow, they go into the why and all the rest. This does not mean the torturing of this person is not done with, but as life the story plot thickens.

Just like through the hour glass of the adventures of Superman, we a people not only as a nation of the United States of America, but the world, has gone through unimaginable misery and suffering without necessarily not knowing who is doing it or why. I hope the more people read my stories and understand fully what this post is about, they can become supermen/women.