I believe that Google is going at it in the wrong way.  Today there are so many options to choose from in social networking.

Blogs are not out of the picture as one may think.  They have simply evolved into something different.  How I see it, social networking is very diverse to the point that the users do not care one jot about the wars of the companies trying to be on the top.  The users simply use all the resources as they see fit.  Instead of Google or whomever saying their ratings are low, they should say thank you to the users they do have and work with them to better their services.

Like so many, I have a Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus account.  These services are not co-equal, so I nor anyone else cannot do the same things on them.  Each account is used for a different purpose.  For the most part, I use Facebook and Twitter by a third party account to promote my many blog posts.  My point is simple:  each function of my side of the social networking spectrum is different than someone else’s.

When Google talks about something like this article, what they are saying is vanity.  Next week things will change.  That is life online.  It is that way at times off line.  Most do not give a #**@& about the ratings or how many uses the service they are using.  Spite the number crunching, I will continue to do the same things I have done before online.