Congressional Republicans who have spent the balance of the year pouring buckets of criticism on the Obama administration are shifting to a more restrained approach as they ponder how to respond to the president’s jobs plan.

They are back doing the same ole thing.  While we suffer they are acting like jerks.  They have the right to disagree, but their jobs are at a different reality than the average opinion.  They cannot waist time with such activities they are doing by bashing Obama.  Do that after the economy is back on track.  This is not the time.

We had eight years of the GOP with President George W. Bush.  Now we have two years of them in the House of Representatives.  So far they have not done a damn thing for the citizens of the United States of America.  I cannot say if Obama’s new plans on jobs will work, but at least he is doing something without turning against the people that voted for him.  He is doing his job.

If he gets re-elected or not, he cannot stay in office as President forever.  It is up to us to vote for the right people.  We need to all vote.  This generation needs to vote, everyone!  We cannot afford to have the past generations to only vote.  This is the 21st Century, and the ones that are going to live beyond that time needs to have their voice said on who runs this country.

Speaker John A. Boehner and Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia are also taking a more conciliatory approach than in previous fiscal battles, when both men essentially declared war on the administration’s policies. “We are going to work together,” Mr. Cantor said, adding, “I think it’s time to build consensus here.”

When have you seen, heard, or whatever John A. Boehner work with our President?  He has caused more friction than anyone.  I will not believe he will ever work with or for anyone other than himself and the Lobbyist that pay him under the table.  if he could say, regarding raising the debt ceiling, “I got 95% of what I want and I am happy,” then he is not the type that will work for the people of this great country.

To work for with others does not mean to bash for everything you can come up with even if you have to make it up.  Every person in this country deserves better than the ones that are running this country today.  This is the issue that we face and not the economy that you hear or read from the news.  Most Americans want to work hard for a living.  Due to jobs going overseas day after day, they are losing more than ever.

Republicans, whose views on Mr. Obama’s plans are still being formulated, may well be seeking to tamp down criticism that they are shrill or contributing to stagnant employment, with many of their members facing re-election in Democratic strongholds.

All the Republicans care about is getting elected so they can get more money from Lobbyists.  They are not concerned for you or me.  I cannot say the Democrats are for us either.  All WE THE PEOPLE care about is to be able to get a job under the training we have received so we can work for and with each other as citizens of this country.  If we cannot get jobs to do our part, nothing moves in the right direction.  If some big corporations does not want American workers, then let them leave the USA and stay out!

Jobs are not going to pop out from thin air.  They are given by businesses that are willing to accept workers from this country.  Free trade is not evil in itself until it does not make us part of it.  People have told me these corporations would not be leaving if they did not have to so many regulations on them.  Laws/regulations are needed.  They make up what this country is about.

Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota did not attend Mr. Obama’s speech, but immediately responded. “Every time the president speaks,” she said, “his policies have cost the American people jobs and future prosperity.”

Does this say the Republicans are willing to work with the rest of the leaders of our nation as well as the people of this country.  The jobs lost was not caused by Obama.  It was caused by eight years of Republicans during President Clinton in office, and eight years of President Bush.  How many more years are we going to put up with the Republican agenda?  How many more jobs are going to be lost this year alone?

Again, we have more questions than answers.  Again, we are suffering while “politics are usual” is continuing.

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