What is art?  What does it mean?  What Cy Twombly has done considered art?

I personally think so.  Any form of art is the artist’s way of expressing one self and not someone else.  The critiques that bash someone’s work wants someone else’s work to express them.  I say if that was the case, it would be an ugly sight.  Why can’t we enjoy the differences of others and how they express it through art or whatever means?  The true measure of a person is based on true self expression.

To be an divisive artist is no different than living uniquely in life itself.  We do not live for others.  We live to better ourselves and to be ourselves.  Spite what we may do, we are always going to have foolish silly people criticize us with hate and cruelty.  Sadly, this is not right, but it cannot be stopped.

Here is what I say to all you artist, professional or not, do what you want to do.  Create what you want to create.  This is your world.  Your nasty ugly critics can enter your world or not.  They have the right to hate it as much as loving it.  They do not have the right to be rude and abusive.

How many do not like Star Wars.  Not everyone likes Harry Potter.  Just the same, the ones that have created these universes, are making millions upon millions of dollars.  They started out not thinking they will make this much money.  They created their world because they enjoyed it.  That is the meaning of art.



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