What a title for this New York Times Article!  It says a great deal on these words alone.

How I see it, the taxes we pay should be for the country as a whole and not for special interest groups.  After all the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America says boldly “WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America.”  That means EVERYONE…including the special interest groups.  Why are the rest being cancelled out?  The answer might be that the average citizen cannot push money under the political tables like these special interest groups can.

Our byzantine tax code is built upon a longstanding political deal: Democrats wanted a tax scale with higher rates for richer Americans to finance social programs aimed at the poor and the middle class. Republicans countered by pushing for tax exceptions, exclusions and deductions that shielded the incomes of the rich from the taxman and reduced government revenue.


How ever one may look at it, the ones in the middle is always left holding the bag.  Both sides of the political spectrum will say their ideas are for the better.  The question that should be asked, “Better for whom?”  Let’s look at this in a simple concept:  Laying on the table is a long tubular balloon.  If one puts pressure on one end the middle and the other end will inflate.  It is the same if pressure was done on the opposite end.  If you decide to put pressure on the middle of the balloon, it will be the poor and the rich that will get the inflation.

There must be a tax code that will not over inflate when pressure is being administered.  If taxes is for all, then a certain class of people should not overly suffer in paying their fair share.  As President Obama has stated numerous times, the rich are not asking for lowing their taxes.  The ones that are causing this tax code confusion is Wall Street.

Wall Street and Capitalism are two separate concepts.  The true capitalistic society that America used to be was done in the early 1900s.  Most if not all business did good for the people as a whole.  Since the Great Depression in the 1930s, the word capitalism formed a disastrous new meaning.  That is what we are facing in the early 21st Century.

We do not need to live in history in order to change things today.  We need to focus in the times in which we live today.  Only the baby boomers want to live in the past.  America cannot recreate a better tomorrow if the nation lives in history.  We should always learn from history so we can keep from making the same mistakes.