With the ever fast growing Internet and the multi-complexity of what can be done online, this blog post will try to break everything down to a simple ideals of what is going on regarding the 21st century regarding the use of technology that seems to come from the 25th century if not further.  SecondLife is a corner stone of this futuristic life that is used in our era today.

First of all, the Internet is here to stay.  It is  not a fad that will go away tomorrow.  People around the world have already remove the barriers that had never been accomplished in human history.  Everyone is using all kinds of social networking services— including business due to the fact, it is us that have the power over them.  If they want us to be their consumers, then they have to meet us in our play field.  This concept has metamorphosed itself so many times, I have lost count.  Saying that online activities have evolved far beyond anything, would not describe it.  Now we have a 100% 3-D virtual augmented reality that we can control completely furthers this concept.

SecondLife is this new and important stable and growing aspect of our real lives today.  That is right– it is truly a second life in more ways than the video below can tell us all.  What SL can do for any of us is to give us a place to do things we usually would do in real life and allow us to do online.  In fact, we can do things in SL that may not be possible in a real world scenario.  Like I said– SecondLife is extension of real life.  Nothing can replace our own existence.  To try would be very foolish.  Just the same we can use technology to guide us to better things in just about every way.

Like any tool we use no matter how advanced it may be, it is not for everyone.  For example:  a restaurant may not find SecondLife worth using, but they may find using a website useful.  The only difference in SL and a website is the difference between a two dimensional format vs. a 3-D one.  If McDonalds can use this 3-D virtual reality to make more money, then us customers can benefit from it.  Again, not all tools available is beneficial.  Would one use a screwdriver to eat a t-bone stake?  Or a butter knife to tighten a screw?  Every tool has its place and purpose.

SecondLife is a multi-complex tool that has endless possibilities that no mere website can accomplish.  In all aspects, this 3-D v-r is a phenomenon that far reaches any thing mankind has ever done.  Just the same, it is not for everyone nor for every thing in life.  What SL can do for each one of us is something that one has to experience for themselves to know if it can work for them in anything in life.  To be honest, that is how life is supposed to be lived– online or off line.

What I have personally experienced with SecondLife, I think it can help us live in this new and wonderful era we have recently crossed into.  What SL can do today is nothing what we can make it do for us tomorrow.


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