All these years I have wondered about this “illegal downloading” with the music industry.  What is not being said in all that has been said?  What is the real issue?

No one has lost their jobs in the music industry.  No one in this field is starving and working a 2nd job as so many in our economic issues we all face today.  Most of the common folk would be happy to have half of their yearly income each and every year.  So what is the big issue regarding downloading?

For decades we have listen to the radio of these same musicians.  What is the difference is recording something on the radio and sharing that with our friends?  No money is being exchanged when the radio was the only thing in existence with the music industry.  No recorded information to my knowledge states they lost any money when the radio was invented.

What I have been hearing is what has not been said, “nothing good is being said about the Internet.”  As with so many things, the Internet is a means of the common folk to control what we read, see, and listen to.  Before the Internet went public, we had to listen to what was shown on television, the theater (movies), what we listen to on the radio, etc.  Now we can do the same thing when we want to do it.

When someone speaks in protest, always listen to what is not being said.  With an open mind, we all can hear the truth behind it all.  For the article is concerned, what is not being said?  To my point of view, where all truth really come from (as Obi-Wan said to Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi),” the music industry would rather have no Internet at all so they can control what we listen to and when.  There will be more things that can be said on what is not being said by the music industry.  The facts are, to be sure of, the Internet is here to stay.

Schools are using all sort of social networking applications like SecondLife (as of September 2, 2011- 31 pages of all types of educational organizations in SecondLIfe), Facebook, and Twitter.  This is just a tip of the iceberg.  It is easier and so much cheaper to put information online verses a printed book or books.  Educational information can be accessed much easier online and updated for all to absorb.  Families can communicate without having to spend money to travel across states or anywhere around the world.  The world is already communicating far beyond human history every could.

The only ones that are complaining are the one that are losing control over the masses.  For the first time in human history not even governments around the world can control what the people read, hear, or see.  For the first time in human history the people are in control of their lives.  For the first time we are free as human beings to express who we are and what we are.

There is no pirating regarding how we as individuals listen, read, and see information around us.  It was not called pirating when we copied music on the radio because the music industry controlled what we listened to.  Online they cannot.  Most have gotten on board the Internet.  Why have not the music industry?  For the ones that refuse to do so, it is not our fault.  We should not be propagandized because of their lack of vision.

Ladies and gentlemen whatever you hear of the mass negatives of the Internet, it is hear do stay.  It has grown more than roots.  It has made our lives better and better as it continues to grow.  Technology is not going to slow down due to “cry babies.”  We can all relax and continue to use the Internet as we see fit.  Do not worry about the trolls, the music industry, or anyone that thinks they can take the Internet away from us.

Politicians can spit out their propaganda on illegal downloading and all the rest, but they cannot control you.  This does not mean there is no illegal sharing online.  What I am saying here is someone more.  Their will always be something done “under the table.”  That has been going on long before computer technology.  My point here is the power of the Internet and everyone of us using it.

There are so much being done online that far reaches the sky.  We cannot stop moving forward due to the music industry and whomever may speak out against the Internet.  As the author of this blog has said so many times,  “Find the Light from within you, and let it flow through you.”

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