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It is amazing to me that how we lived in the 1900s with such religious hatred over the LGBT people. We are not all that better in the 21st century. There is hope still, and it could be in on little game that can allow the player to walk in the skin of a young female name Sam.

This game is called Gone Home. The reason talking about this game at all is not to advertise for it, but to say how important it is to play it. I just got done playing it, and I never felt so emotional over anyone in a game. It was like I was her. When we can do that for a person under any circumstances, then we can judge and even hate a lot less than we do in everyday life. After you play it through, it might be a great idea to put any condition in replacement of two females in love with each other is such a real and romantic way.

When you feel it is you than her, then you will understand your own opinion regarding this subject, but like I have said “it might be a great idea to put any condition in replace of this game.” Think of Gone Home a means of experiencing any one that faces hardship, and finding out it was you after all. As with all that had faced religious hatred that normally be found in peripheral nations, so many have been murdered outright in the name of piety.

Like I said, in the 1990s, hell on Earth if you admitted you were part of the LGBT community. Even today, religious radicals still hate and would get away with murder if not worse. Even to this day, no one can fully understand what these people go through—until this game came about. I personally felt the love these two had for each other, and the abuses they went through from their families of the lack of understanding of two people in love with each other. The question that needs to be asked in the 1990s and today, “Why do we have to understand anything for two people to live out their lives in peace and love?” It boggles the imagination.

Ever read the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird? Remember what the father told his daughter Scout? In this game, the player can rightfully fulfill that—walking in their skin. I could explain about this in this blog post, but there are certain things that cannot be explained in mere words. Let me see if I can prove this: explain Mozart’s music to a deaf person. Explain the complete details of the Grand Canyon to a blind person. These two things can be done, but the situation must be very exceptional. For the 99.8% of the rest of the population, we have to experience things for ourselves.

Let me see… for the ones that do not have a computer to download this game or the money to pay for it, then I guess the video will have to do. The one I will share has no subtitles, but the game can be set as such. You might find video walk through of the game that has them. I understand there is a lot of people that cannot hear, and not all videos are close in caption on YouTube. In closing, there is nothing like playing the game for yourself in order to get full experience what I have said. The important thing is to realize these people of the LGBT are human beings like the rest of us.

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