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Here lately, I have borne witness to a lot activities online that are out right wrong based on TOS of the organizations if not outright illegal.  We need a nonpartisan police network more than ever to control and protect the individuals that use the Internet.  Now that we are using all sorts of online activities, these issues are not going to lessen as we continue onward.

I have already stated on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter YouTube has more and more soft porn videos.  YouTube was originally a family oriented services.  Even with Google’s TOS (Terms of Service), the ones in charge of maintaining the video service has turned a blind eye on this issue.  The main failure with TOS is not that it is weak, but it is controlled by the ones running the service.

Police officers work on the streets do not work for any organization that pays them high wages.  By working for a local government or for the federal government like the FBI, they have no ties to any side of the argument—another words they are nonpartisan to the cause of law and order.  We have heard the plight against Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  A good many of those organization against SOPA are the ones that are abusing the system of law and order online.

The situation is not getting better but worse.  Due to more and more are using modern technology which is mostly the use of the Internet, we need more nonpartisan policing to serve and protect not only the consumers but the small businesses as well.  As we all have come to realize the big fat corporations (or at least a good number of them) are the leaders in this corruption—on or offline.  Many nations have laws to keep the worse at bay in the conventional world, but now that we are online more than ever, we need the same protection online more than ever.

As I have stated, these issues are getting worse than being controlled by TOS from the companies that are outright ignoring their own policies.  It appears to me that we cannot trust these TOS at all to protect our online activities.  We need organizations that are willing to serve and protect all that are involved.

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