Why do people have a hard time seeing that the generation today is nothing like the generation of yesterday? That answer is easy but, it might be a lot to explain—it is all a matter of TIME.

That is right; this 4-letter word “time” has a giant impact. How one measure it might be totally different than another. Time is more than just relative. It is non-linear. To simply prove this: if we all believe we have a unique grand purpose in life, how can time be linear?

Here is an activity for you: Get a piece of paper, and draw a circle. Now draw two parallel lines horizontally through that circle. The next task is going to be tricky, so think before you do it. The next task is to locate yourself in this temporal topology. What direction are you going? See it is not as easy as it looks. Any of us can be at any location for countless reasons. There is no reason to be confused about time. The point I am making is that time is a lot more than one has been taught to think.

Another aspect: We live in a non-static life. That is another proof that this generation is much different than the past. Everything and I mean everything is dynamic to the extent it is hard to get a hold of, especially for the older generations that are alive today. Does this mean we put the older generation against the wall and shoot them? – Not at all. Just the same, we should not put this generation against the wall and force them to live in the past experiences of the older generations.

What this generation will need is guidance so they can live to their fullest, so they will not bungle their lives in the fast changing times we all live in. Another words, children are taught to socialize in the way it needs to be done. True, children are naturals go getters, but there is more to socializing with others in life than a simple hello and a chit-chatter. In this dynamic world/era we live in today, we need social interaction more than ever—and the proper perspective to carry it out.

Teamwork is not a static way of life. It is a dynamic powerhouse of a group of people collaborating together to get a job or activity done. It takes each and every one of its members to be able to take the initiative to think openly and quickly so they can take part on the project at hand. Another words, it is not a leader of a group/team leading a bunch of mindless drones. It is everyone using their skills of their abilities on the project at hand and work together to get it completed on time.

This may not be easy at times. To put aside someone’s feelings while working with others that will be completely different than the other will be the most difficult part of teamwork. That is why schools, homes, and all walks of life for children must be taught how to live a dynamic lifestyle and do it with others even if those certain individuals are going to be hard to live with. Right now, there are too many public educators that are sticking to the old ways due to a number of old out of date statistics that will not push any form of dynamics on the table.

Educators in the classroom/field will not change unless they are taught to educate differently. When I was in a technical school/college learning about the computer field, one of the most important things we learned was GIGO—Garbage In Garbage Out. It is not the fault of the students if the wrong information is being put in public education in the 21st Century. That is why so many students are failing to learn the basic skills and might be why so many are quitting public education all together.

Time does have a powerful impact on all our lives. Either we live it as we should, or we fall behind the eight ball and fail life far beyond anything we can dream.



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