When it comes to jobs, who is responsible?  Both political parties have not done all that much to say who is innocent.

Both parties have voted for NAFTA that nearly lost 900,000 jobs moments afterwards.  Not one politician is reversing that.  Instead we are losing more and more jobs that makes 900,000 jobs hardly a drop in the bucket.  If jobs are not plentiful soon, things will get a lot worse that will be marked in the history books.

Why are they not new companies starting up in the United States of America to replace the multitude of ones that left?  Why are the ones that did leave controlling how we live today? How much suffering do we need before we as citizens force our governments (local, state, and federal) to do what needs to be done for us all?  These and a whole lot more questions goes unanswered.

Who is responsible is everyone!  We all must do our part to make the new era that we all live in to function as it should.  Why most of the questions are not answered is due to that fact, we have to make the answers a reality.  They will not come to pass until we make them so.  Anything worth have is never easy.  Living in prosperity must be done in the same manner.  WE ALL must work hard at it.  Government needs to do their part, so we can do ours.  We must do our part, so government can do theirs.