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Remember the Ritalin scare that was pushed on kids years back?  I am wondering if the obesity scare is doing the same thing.

Right off, this article is stating that the children are refusing treatment.  If this is propaganda garbage, then GOOD that they are resisting!  It is true that children are becoming overweight more and more, but do we need medical treatment to solve it.  We also know that parents are not caring as much as they have done.  The true treatment might be to get parents to be more responsible then force more medicines or other medical treatment on our children to get a fast buck.  The future of our nation are not money bags for Wall Street to exploit!

In life there is no easy street solution.  In the 21st Century we all must learn to collaborate with each other.  That  means Americans must learn to think as individuals and work together.  That was the issue with Ritalin.  This drug causes children to be mindless helpless beings.  That is my point.  Wall Street wants children to be controlled than for them to be free thinkers.  That is one of the main reasons public education as a whole has not changed.  If it did, so will children’s minds be open to a lot more than what Wall Street wants them to become.

Trust me folks, I wished my plight was only my opinion.  It would be easier for me to be some kind of nutcase.  What is going on that most do not know about is real.  We have come to reality how Ritalin messed up our children in the past.  If the so called experts are preaching that children are resisting treatment, then that is a big ass red flag.  The question that comes to my mind is “WHAT TREATMENT?”  Yes, children have become unhealthy and not just their waist size, but the treatment is too damn mysterious right now.

Life can be very complex.  Sometimes the solution to life’s problems are not black and white.  If anything, the issues with children’s health is a big sign of all of us working together to solve them.  Parents must do a better job in the home, schools must do their part, government has a part to play, and so do the rest of us in America.  The word “treatment” is a warning sign that scares the hell out of me.  Socialism/Communism is never a solution to a free Republicdemocratic government as the United States of America.  Either we are 100% free under Law, or we are controlled by tyranny.

What is more important:  freedom or tyranny?  Our children are the future.  How we treat them is the results of what happens next in America.




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