I have read parts of this website on the truth of SOPA. It balances out the fears and truths of it.


No matter what this Bill can do as law, the Constitution of this great country is paramount. Only way changes can be made of laws is by the check and balances of what makes this country great. There is no reason to fear it. There is no reason to believe it will end due to any laws that can be made. As the ages carries on, so will the two most important documents in human history…The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.


The laws that are in place like the fair use laws will still be intact, but what might be challenged would be if what has been posted online. Does it violates the graces that fair use gives? The Fair use laws are not given to violate the copyrights of others. It is a measure that allows fans under certain strict guidelines to show their appreciation. Most fans would not dare show disrespect, but there are a few that would try to corrupt that loyalty. The fans are not the criminals because of it.


As we have heard from television ads about the consequences of illegal downloads of illegal movies, music, software, and all the rest, it has not stopped it. Instead it had gotten worse year by year. Who suffers? The writers of these movies, the actors, and all that has worked hard to make every movie we can bare witness. There are many that makes so many songs we have enjoyed listening to each and every day.


That is right, jobs are in serious jeopardy due to illegal downloading. It ripples and effects everyone in this country is so many ways. If you are fed up with less and less jobs in this country, then SOPA might be able to help. If nothing is being done, then it will only get worse. Illegal activities online will not go away on its own.


As we are all very much aware of by junk mail, there are illegal pharmaceuticals online. Ask yourself this question: “Would you risk putting these medicines in your own body spite the low prices if you do not trust where you got them 100%? The baby boomers are hit the worst in this medical fraud. They would do anything to pay lower prices in all the medicines they have to take. Would you want people to die due to it?


In all the fears of having the Internet break is like saying the Y2K bug is just as much as a threat as it was before year 2000. It is about 2012, and technology is going strong. Nothing happened when the click flipped over to 2000 from 1999 11:59pm. In all that I have read about the Internet stopping due to SOPA, no one has not shown one unit of evidence, but you will read, like a broken record, the same information.


To prove that the Internet and technology will continue onward, read on the browser wars, the social networking wars, and anything about technology. Are these companies stopping due to SOPA? No they have not. The world is still spinning, and the birds are still singing. Innovation is at an all time high spite the economy.


We cry about our rights, but we easily forget the rights of the ones that suffer due to the illegal activities online. We cry about how bad child pornography has been, but we do not want to give up our own pettiness to put an end to this horrific crime. Pirating and other serious crimes online needs to stop, but we cannot get past our own arrogance in order to get it down. Finally there is a Bill that can challenge all this. Will it be enough?


Right now we have law enforcers on the streets, but it does not end crime, but it does restrain it. The criminals online are working hard to get past what SOPA can do against them if this Bill becomes law. If we stop downloading illegal things online, that can help law enforcement and the money that tax payers will pay them. If we are the United States of America, then we must unite.


If social networking is a measure of people coming together, then we all must come together to help end what SOPA is set to fight. Instead of fighting against SOPA, we need to work with it, so all can be free. Thank you.



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