It is ever so sad that there are officers that still will do something like we have seen in the state of Alabama in the 1960s.  It is hard for me to see why they would do something like this to teenagers.  If these students were in the wrong or not…apparently there were not, they had no reason to do this!

I am writing this Google Plus Post to state clearly and without hesitation that these minority officers DO NOT represent the rest of them throughout our great nation.  When you see your local officers, please show them the utmost respect by saying thank you for their hard work.  We are free inside our borders of the United States of America because of them.  Yes, a few rogue officers did serious wrong in California, but there are so many officers that would not think of doing something like this.

In time these teenagers will recover from this sad abuse.  The rest of the country will too.  Please, as a citizen myself, do not get bitter due to these two rogue officers.  The family of these teenagers will feel the pain, but come this Thursday, it is a time of Thanksgiving.  We need to focus on the wonders of America more than ever.  We cannot let this to destroy what we give thanksgiving for in the first place.

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