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In reading so many articles like this one, I never have seen true facts.  All that is shown is what someone believes or reports from some kind of financial organization.  Another issue what kind of jobs are being considered?

The Industrial Age has gone if we like it or not.  How we prosper has to do with the age we are in today.  The question that needs to be asked is “What age are we in?”  It is a mix of the Internet, social networking, and everything that has to do with 21st Century technology.  In the new virtual reality called SecondLife, there are a good many that have made a real money.  It is a whole different way to make a living than in real life.  Jobs in SecondLife has to do with this 3-D virtual world, but it does not mean it cannot extended from or out to the conventional world.

For the ones that think it is impossible to make any form of income have a look at Amazon.com.  Did you know that Facebook is worth today?  Would you be shocked to say it is worth over $50 billion dollars?  There are other businesses that are online that does not make that kind of money, but you get the trends.  There are businesses that are only online and making more than any conventional business that had never used a computer.  My point is:  what are politicians and news organizations not telling us about jobs and economic issues?

What you hear/read is focusing on a post-industrial era.  That era started in the 19th Century.  We are in the 21st Century.  If we are going to grow as a nation, people, or whatever, we need to live in the time period in which is around us.  Learn from the past but live in the present.

Learning about history is the utmost importance, but not the the facet of the moment in which we live and breathe.  There is nothing more important than this now in life, but we cannot truly live in it without learning from history.

We learn from history that we learn nothing from history. – George Bernard Shaw

What it seems from so many articles like this one, they want us to live in the past. There is no productivity whatsoever in living in the past.  There were never any such thing as a “Golden Era,” even today.  We have a lot of tools and technology like never before, but this era in time is far from Utopia.  We all have to work hard like in the Industrial Age, but in a much different way.


The economy is not growing fast enough to bring down the unemployment rate, which held steady at 9.1 percent in September. Local governments and school districts are cutting large numbers of workers. And about a third of the jobs added by the private sector last month were actually 45,000 Verizon workers who had been on strike during August and were simply returning to work.


For this quote to be true, everything that makes up the Internet and how we use modern technology has to be down over 50%.  Instead we are thriving online a lot better than we were over five years ago.  Why aren’t anyone helping produce 21st Century jobs for all Americans?  Does the federal Congress wants us to live in the past and not in the time in which we live today?  If you listen carefully, they are talking about jobs on the time in which they were born and raised.  They have no clue about ours.

If Verizon employees can afford to go on strike, then how bad is our economy?  What is the press not telling us?  Are Americans far too fat and lazy to work at jobs that Hispanics are taking?  Take a look at how many Hispanics are working vs. the rest in the United States of America as well as what type of jobs.  Unless you are in the porn industry, selling drugs on the street, or some job that is illegal or immoral, you are not going to make a whole deal of money.

College education is the key to success in the 21st Century and beyond.  It takes all that training to learn not only the technology, but what employees are needed to know.  The robotic mentality is gone.  We are expected to think for ourselves and work with others.  Professionalism is alive and powerful on all aspects of our lives.  Expertise is a must too.

A great example is how the Information Technology careers have grown and evolved.  We started out with simple jobs.  Now everything is precised.  Everything must have greater understanding in every field of this very fast technical age.  What I learned in a technical college is practically obsolete.  How many Operating Systems has Microsoft gone through since Windows 3.xx?  Every year there is a new version of some software that does more and more than before.  It takes employees to design all this.

The idiots in government.  They have shown so many times all they care about is their interests.


“The president is offering only bad medicine — higher taxes, more spending, more dubious ‘green jobs’ boondoggles, and more tactical blame-gaming,” Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota said in a statement from her presidential campaign.

Is Michele Bachmann a complete ass or what?  What she is spinning has nothing to do with why so many are unemployed today.  It is not even a solution.  There is no one solution to any issue.  Why is this?  Everyone is different.  Even when the economy was doing wonderfully, there were issues that we had to face as individuals, a community, or a nation.  That is the cold hard facts about life.  We have to live within our means.  This is talking about how we spend and save as well as how we manage our lives.  Government in the USA is not meant to have them micromanage our lives for us.  From time to time, we need government to help protect our property and all we do work hard for.

Micromanagement is not freedom under the laws of our Constitution of the United States of America.  When we are told to do things this way or that way, it is called tyranny.  It is also called political correctness.  This type of control is simply socialism.  That is where we are falling the most.  The majority of the citizens want government to take the blame and the responsibilities of our lives.  To live in the 21st Century, we need to take control of our lives and not others.


Some economists worried that the headline on the September jobs report was not galvanizing enough for the president’s agenda. “Policy is running out of ammunition and the willingness here, particularly with today’s number, may be even less to do anything dramatic,” said Torsten Slok, chief international economist at Deutsche Bank.


Why do we have to wait for some economist to take action?  We are the best to manage our own savings and how much and when we should spend it.  There is one thing giving advice when it is direly needed and another to blindly live by it.  We are to live our own lives, make mistakes, pick ourselves up, and continue to push onward.  That is how life is lived.

I am a college student.  I do not allow others to live for me.  I make mistakes, but I take the responsibilities that are mine alone!  When I fail, I learn from it.  Believe it or not, failure is a needed thing in life.  What would we not learn if we did not have failure?

When government uses every means to control our way of thinking, we cannot fail.  To do so, it takes complete freedom of our actions and thinking processes.  We are taught that failure is a bad thing.  That is so wrong!!  We learn the most by using our freedoms to turn what we learn into action.  If we are stopped for any reason, those opportunities are lost forever.  That is the horrors of political correctness in our every day lives.


The weakest results were in the public sector, with local government shedding 35,000 jobs, 24,400 of them in public education. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said that about 277,000 education jobs had been lost since 2008 and projected as many as 280,000 more job losses in the next year from state and local budget cuts.


There is a time to trim the fat off of government spending, but it is very dangerous to do so when the masses are suffering.  The education in the United States of America is already an all time low from other countries around the world.  When our children suffer, the nation suffers even more.  The Republican budget cuts in every state has done more damage than anything they can throw at President Obama.  A country divided can never come together to work on any issue.  This leads to more governmental abuses.

The future lies in our children and this era they are living in.  If we have politicians that want to live in some post-industrial age, then there is no future for any of us.  Until we start living in the right time and space, things will only get worse.


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