Broadway and Wall Street

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What does the American people want in this Debt Bill.  The biggest thing is one day they can get their life back.  Second thing they want are jobs.

Ever since NAFTA and other trading with other countries, Americans have been hurting.  Since 2002 the deficit has grown from $40 billion dollars to over $14 trillion.  Who has been in power in the federal Congress for most if not all those years?  The answer is simple…The Republican Party.

Globalization is not to blame for the catastrophes that plague our lives.  It is Wall Street.  Have you noticed they are having a temper tantrum as you read this post?  Go to your grocery store.  See the size of the content (net weight) of each item.  It is less in size with a higher price tag.  As the people of the United States of America got their way with this debt bill, I would not be surprise to see more things go up in price with less in quantity.  Right now it will appear that we are losing due to this cry baby tactic by Wall Street.

As we all signed a petition to Congress, we can have Wall Street spanked for their childish attitudes.  If we do not act, things will get a lot worse.  Remember the “Wall Street Reform” is law.  WE THE PEOPLE needs to remind them of it!  By standing up for our legal rights under the Law of the Land, we can get Wall Street to act as they should.  This is America.  We have a voice!

Now that this debt bill is law, there is more to be done.  We need to keep at the Republicans to do their jobs for us than for “special interests” ONLY!  Until we act like citizens of this greatest country, it will be “politics as usual.”  The more we get involved, the quicker Congress will act to our demands as free citizens of the United States of America.

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