I disagree with this concept completely.  Most are far too childish online or offline.  These individuals don’t take in consideration of their actions.

When companies hire, they do it at a risk.  They know they will lose some money.  They have to spend money in training, wages, and all sorts of things employees need to do the job to the fullest.  When they end up being trouble makers, companies loose even more money- the lost of an employee.  They will have to start the whole cycle again with a new employee and not knowing if this one is a bigger trouble maker.

Most Americans think the world owes them something.  When you work for someone, you are not in charge.  You have to obey the rules or be unemployed.  Laws are not to support the employees per say, but rather the whole of the people.  The Preamble of the Constitution states, “WE THE PEOPLE” and not “WE THE INDIVIDUAL.”

No one put a gun to the employee’s head and force them to work for that employer.  This is America.  There is no socialism here.  Our government does not tell us where we should work and when.  We choose where we work by applying for a job.

After accepting the job application, they supervisor gives the new employee a rule book to follow.  Instead of finding out the hard way if an employee is a rabble rousers, in the 21 Century, they have technology to see if we are going to be an asset to them.  Posting nude photos on a public website, saying racist remarks on a public arena, or other questionable activities does show something about what kind of attitude that individual has.  What you think is everything!  It can reflect in one’s actions.

That is what is in question here.  I personally would not want a nurse to be at my side if she is one that post naked pictures of her self for all to see.  If she cares less of herself how much more will she care for my own body?  When it comes to seriousness of a job, then the right attitude is a must.




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