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Know your government!  The President is not Congress.  It is Congress that is the body of our federal government.  Our federal government has check and balances and the President of the United States is one of many.

It is ever so important to know how your own government works, local, state, and federal.  Ignorance is no excuse!  We have many forms of information at our disposal to learn about the truth of our government.  The Library is the best source.  The Internet is another.  Do not get confused with opinions with facts regarding online information.  However one learns, do so, NOW!

Ladies and gentlemen of the United States of America, please understand this if anything else in our federal government:  The President of this country is not any kind of king, duke, or any type of monarch.  Under our Constitution the President has little power.  Congress is the body that makes laws.  Watch when they point fingers at the President and get us all to not look at them as the do the same thing, not focusing on WE THE PEOPLE.

The President is the Commander and Chief of our great Military, and he is a ‘check and balance’ of Congress by vetoes.  That is about it.  On a non-Constitutional aspect, he is the finger pointer for Congress to use when they and they alone mess up.  There are a lot more to being a President than this, but on a Constitutional aspect, this is about it regarding the duties of the President of the USA.

When we learn and understand our own federal government and know how it works, then we can vote with the power of knowledge than the power of political propaganda.  We need to be in control.  Why vote if we are not in control?  Arm yourself with the knowledge of how our federal government works. Thank you.

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