Again, we have the Republicans pushing religion down our throats:


Republicans have also signaled that they will again demand fundamental changes in policy on health care, the environment, abortion rights and more, as the price of their support for raising the debt ceiling.


This has nothing to do with how Congress spends our tax dollars!  The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America clearly states, “Freedom of Religion.”  This means that government has no say so on how we life our lives regarding morality, environmental issues, if a female wants to have an abortion or not, and all that rests on our free choices.  The government should not even interfere with what options she may take.  I for one believe that this decision should not be taken likely, but the government should not choose for the mother to be!

When any politician uses morality for their political agendas, they are literally breaking the law.  They have no interests in upholding the Constitution of the United States of America.  Who is wining when American citizens suffer?  One group is big cat corporations.  The next is religious organizations that do not care for freedom that all Americans have today.

Another big issue we are facing is the Tea Party movement.  We did not vote for them in to office, but the Republican Party is allowing them to do so.


What makes this year different, people in both parties say, is the large number of Congressional Republicans, including the many newcomers who gave the party a House majority, who are strenuously opposed to government spending, and egged on by the activist Tea Party movement to use the leverage of the debt-limit vote to make their stand.


WE THE PEOPLE needs to get back our country and put it in our hands once again!  Big cat corporations are also involved in running/ruining this great nation of ours.


Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed in 1993, the rise in the U.S. trade deficit with Canada and Mexico through 2002 has caused the displacement of production that supported 879,280 U.S. jobs. Most of those lost jobs were high-wage positions in manufacturing industries. The loss of these jobs is just the most visible tip of NAFTA’s impact on the U.S. economy. In fact, NAFTA has also contributed to rising income inequality, suppressed real wages for production workers, weakened workers’ collective bargaining powers and ability to organize unions, and reduced fringe benefits.


Ladies and gentlemen of the United States of America, I am not making this up.  The information I am giving out is real.  I am not writing these blog postings to ask you all to get your little voodoo dolls out and poke the Republicans in the butt.  What I am allowing you all to see if we are not in charge of what our federal government is doing, we need to start getting involved!

We need to know our history.  That is why I have mentioned the Federalist and the Anti-Federalists.  Getting involved is not running a rat race with no where to go.  It is using our knowledge of our great country  and using that knowledge to take control of what our federal government is doing.

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