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We are suffering with no jobs which causes lack on income and the federal government allows big corporations not to pay their share of taxes.  What happen to not going by “politics as usual?”

Ever wonder why our economic issues have not changed since we had an economic meltdown?  Economics mean just that…the right financial flow in a nation.  If big corporations are not going to pay their share of taxes, then not all the people in United States of America cannot pay that amount especially if we have no jobs to get the income.  That is the power of capitalism.  Capitalist make all that money not only to keep a business and pay their employees, but they have the means to pay a great deal of money in taxes that pay for a lot of things that we have taken for granite like better roads to drive on, public education, the military, and everything we have in life.

Now that big corporations are not paying hardly any taxes if nothing at all, we all are suffering in every way possible.  When the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America says, “WE THE PEOPLE,” it means everyone has to take part in our country.  We the average person cannot do anything without a job that pay a reasonable income.  If big corporations are goring to take jobs to other countries, how can we get the income?

Laws of the land are for everyone to partake in.  No one should be exempt in obeying the laws no matter what their social status might be.  It is a purpose for paying taxes.  Nothing is free in life.  Everything has a price.  To have the police on the beat and the firefighters able to be where they need to be has to do with taxes.  It take millions of dollars to keep a military to be able to protect or freedoms from foreign attacks.

It is true that our politicians get us to pay a lot more taxes that makes us wonder why are we paying.  Whatever reason you have against paying taxes, think of what would happen if we did not have to pay any taxes?  Look at any of the peripheral countries that are so poor citizens die due to the lack of health care.  They do not have jobs to pay anything for what all Americans take for granite, like indoor plumbing, electricity, vaccines for all sorts of diseases, public education, etc.

We all need to pay taxes and corporations need too also.  See how our economy is doing because they are not.

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