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We vote for our politicians to help our economy and everything else regarding our country.  How is cutting benefits helping?

Michigan, whose unemployment rate has topped 10 percent longer than that of any other state, is about to set another record: its new Republican governor, Rick Snyder, signed a law Monday that will lead the state to pay fewer weeks of unemployment benefits next year than any other state.

When government wants to help the people out, they do not put salt on the wounds.  What is this governor thinking?  Has he forgotten why we get jobs in the first place?  Has all Republicans gone crazy?

The state of Michigan needs these state employers.  To keep them, the state government does not turn against them as the enemy.  If these politicians wants to do all the jobs that these state employees are doing, then see what they think after a few hours.  If Rick Snyder lived like the people of Michigan for one day, he would act much differently than he is doing now.

It appears that most politicians are so divorced for reality, and the GOP are leading the way.  WE THE PEOPLE needs to force them to do right.

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