As I read this article, there was not one solution to the problem.  The only thing the article kept on saying is the means to catch cheaters but not to find a solution to deal with why they cheat!

I believe it is due to the failed school system.  These intelligent students simply have used the many wholes in the public educational system so they can pass these test.  These students also realized they are not going to be taught right in order to pass these tests.  There lies the real problem.  Instead of improving what is being taught in schools, the school systems pay millions of tax dollars for a surface cure (that is not a cure).

I am not writing this blog post to fuss; Instead, I am wanting the ones that are responsible for educating the masses to do a better job.  If they can conjure up all this false cure provisions, then they can work harder to find a true cure.  Why haven’t public schools been teaching right all these years?  Why have they not changed their ways of teaching, by now, in the 21st Century?  I am sure the proper solution is not cheap.  I know that this solution that this article is talking about is very expensive.  To be honest, I am not all 100% sure if this will catch cheaters without accusing someone of cheating falsely.

The Constitution of the United States of America clearly states, “Each and everyone of us is innocent until proven guilty.”  Where is the justice in this means of catching cheaters?  If the student is guilty of cheating, where is their right to a fair trail?  There are far too many questions in this system to catch cheaters that should be exploited.  It is amazing that in European countries they do not have to deal with the mass cheating as it is done in the United States of America.

Please do not get me wrong; cheaters need to be dealt with and removed from the schools.  They are like a cancer that needs to be removed or the problem will only get worse.  As this article had stated, cheating is getting worse and worse.  The purpose of this blog posting is to state this solution will not work!  What is it based on?  How does it seek out cheaters?

Like any investigation of a crime, there must be proof.  If an innocent individual is wrongly accused the case is dropped.  There is no solution to a crime if an innocent person is wrongly accused.  Students have a hard enough time in learning.  They do not need to fear of being accused of cheating when they did not.  This statistic analysis does not account for our legal system of fairness for all Americans.  Statistics are not that accurate to pinpoint all the facts.

Let’s say that a thousand students had the same answer.  How does this measure of catching cheaters show how many students got the right answer due to hard studying?  If there are going to be more questions than answers, that tells me this measure of catching cheaters is not the correct one to use.  I believe if teachers teach properly than having classes on how to take a test by the government, then students would not have to cheat in order to pass these tests.  In a way, these in-class workshops are a legal cheat sheet.

It appears that the local school systems are encouraging cheating.  I wonder how many students cheated before these workshops were taught in the classroom?  Why are these workshops being taught in the first place?

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