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I for one am happy this election is over.  I can now start reading from the New York Times Reader once again.  Please do not get me wrong, the United States of America is worth going through the trouble in electing our government officials, but they can act so childish for the most part during these elections.

Now that the election is about to be closed in the eastern part of the country, we should now reflex on why our country is free.  It has nothing to do with government as a whole.  It has to do with the men and women in the Military, police officers, and last but never ever least, the firefighters.  They all have risked their lives for what we have today.  As we go about our lives after this election, we need to reflect on they are now in office.

Spite if they are Democrat or Republicans, they are all our men and women that run our country.  For better or for worse, we have elected them to be our representatives.  We can continue to fuss over all they will do, or we can support them because we are a United States of America.  This is not a patriotic cliché, but reality of what has made this country as wonderful as it is today.

Anything in life is never easy.  We all have to work hard in life.  I for one have done so, and at times it seems that I have not gotten all that far from a narrow point of view.  I have a certificate and three diplomas in the computer field and Lanier Technical College in Oakwood, Georgia.  To this date, I have not had one job interview.  Been to many job fairs, but all the jobs in the computer field are overseas.  Now I am going to Gainesville State College in the same city.

There are good and bad things about globalization.  This blog is not to talk about this issue, but to reflect on how our government reactions to this issue and more.  There are no country in human history that gives its people the power to elect people to run the government affairs like the United States.  Now of November 2, 2010, we voted once again.  The ones that did not vote, I say, “SHAME ON YOU!”  One vote can make all the difference.

As this title of this New York Times article states, “Battle for Congress Comes to an End.”  Actually it is page one of chapter one.  Where one aspect of the election ends another starts.  Now these elected have to fulfill their responsibilities and not necessarily their campaign promises.  Hopefully their responsibilities are equal to what they have promised us during the election process.  When one is in the hot seat, it is a different world to live in.

For the rest of us in this country, we can do our part by living out best in life.  Government cannot do it all.  A republic government is a means of political officials doing their part and letting every citizen to live their lives in prosperity.  There is a place for government.  As Madison said, “If men were angels, we would not need government.”  Another words, we have to obey the laws of the one that makes them.  That is the power of voting in this country.




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