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The first day was great!  It was great to be back in school.  There is a lot more to do than just the classes this time.  I will do all I can to partake in these events.  Interacting with others can do more than just the education alone.  Getting noticed is just as important as a good grade.

The school, Gainesville State College, has the New Times paper out free for students.  There is an article, “Outdoors and Out of Studying the Brain.”  I personally do not agree with the finding.  It is true we do use our technology far too much.  What would we do if we did not have it anymore?  A lot of businesses would freeze.  I do agree that we need to do more in life than just one thing.  We are natural creatures.  We should get out more and be part of nature itself.  This does not mean that we should stop or do less with our technology.  From the beginning of the computer age, there has been many that states the evils of modern technology.  So far their ideology has clasped.  I Think this one is just another approach of the same of thing.

The biggest downfall of this “so called” test of why we should get away from technology is everyone of us is different.  Many say that teenagers use their computers and the Internet far too much.  Here is what I say about that, “By allowing teenagers to use the Internet and other technologies more and more, they will be ready to use these technologies when it comes to future jobs.  Businesses will require their employees to use what is out there now and what will be in the near future.

This does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that teenagers should hermit themselves with any one thing in life, including the Internet.  There is much more to life than any one thing.  I have to admit, a person can learn a great deal from the Internet these days.  Reading is reading.  Research books can take years to make and publish.  When the book is on the shelves, that information could be out of date to how fast scientist are learning new things due to our current technology.  Most of the time this new information is shared online only.  The news media is having a hard time keeping up with what is shared online.

For my classes, I have one more more class to start on.  That one is English 1102.  I will have that one every Thursday.  The other two that I had yesterday, August 16, 2010, was GEOG 1101 & CINE 1502.  The geography will be the most challenging one.  Throughout my high school life I have not really had any true geography class.  It was a basic general of all the social studies concept in one class.  This is not good at all.  It is a shame that public school do not teach at least the intermediate course of geography or at least the time I went to high school.  If any subject that would be the most important one that allows us to be tolerant of others, it would be the full understandings of people throughout the world.  That is the simple understanding of culture and geography.

In what I do read from the National Geographical Magazines, our planet has the most richness of life.  It might not have the different species that is in a Star Wars movie, but I can rightfully say it has the more life and of so many kinds.  How many type of insects do you think our planet has?  How many cultures can one count?  The list of all kinds of animals, plant life, and insects are off the charts.  We have recorded over six billion people living on this planet, but that is hardly a drop in the bucket to the number of other life forms on our wonderful planet.  If there are life on other planets like in a galaxy far, far away, then I would have to believe we have more living beings on Earth than that entire galaxy.

In my cinema class, what better way to learn about culture than by the artwork.  If a picture can say over a thousand words, than how much can a film say?  As I continue to learn from this class, I know for a bona fide fact my writing will grow with it.  How I write is a lot more than just mere words.  It is the sum total of who I am.  That is why my stories I post on Fanfiction practically writes themselves.  I go in myself and allow the creative energies to flow from within.  In that, there is nothing more rewarding than writing.


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