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Today I have been very busy reading.  I was reading from my NY Times Reader.  I am a subscriber of that newspaper through a software called the NY Times Reader.  I can also look up on the website for older than 7 days of articles all the way to the beginning, 1851.  I also have been reading from my Geography book.  Got done reading chapter 1.  There was a lot to read in that chapter.  Now I will need to read chapters 2,3, and 5.  I will need to know the locations of countries on a European map.

I subscribed to the NY Times Rader because I love to read their newspaper.  My college, through the student fees, allows us to read the each paper (Monday – Friday) for free.  The problem with that is it is bulky to read, the newspaper can accumulate, and I do not get Saturdays and Sundays issues.  If I bought them it would cost me $32/month.  This reader cost $20/month, and I get all seven days.

  Not only do I get read all of what is in the paper (except a few minor things that I do not really care to read in the first place), but I get to search the archives of all the articles that have ever been written.  The reason for liking this paper to begin with it is more than a newspaper.  To me, it is like reading from the National Geographic Magazine.  Each article is full of information.  Most newspaper is a few paragraphs.  Most articles from the NY Times are a few pages. 

Due to reading about globalization in my geography book, I have printed 3 articles already from this reader (actually one is from the website), and put them in a 3-ring notebook.  The wonder of knowledge.  I have the Complete National Geographic Magazine on DVD, I have access to all the articles from the NY Times, and I have 24/7 access to a lot more online.  With all the books I have at my disposal, I have a great deal of reference materials.  How exciting.

  I have commented on several articles today throw Twitter and Facebook using Yoono, an addon for the Firefox browser.  I also post an article on one of my blog post also.  I cannot wait till morning to start reading on what is in the NY Times.  Might not have the time to write much, but I do have 7 days back log on these papers.  I can have up to five install of this reader, so my parents have their copy to read (I live with them due to the economy).

The New Times is a very good professional newspaper.  I have not yet read anything bias news.  Even the opinion section is mild and respectable.  That is very refreshing from all spin that most news reporters report on.  I am sure the more I read, there will be something off key to what I have been use to, and that is fine.  Everyone has the right to their own opinion.  When I want to learn about the current events of life around me, I want it to be factual and let me to make my own opinion based on my understandings.


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