It is Monday once again.  I have classes Monday through Thursday.  Actually one is Monday and Wednesday.  This Summer Semester is a lot of work, but it is wonderful at the same time.  It is not quiet over with, but it has given me a challenge that truly fits my lifestyle.

I have a math test today.  Math is not my worst subject, but I am happy that this class is the only one I have to take.  This biggest challenge is my American Government class.  I will have a test on Wednesday.  For the first time in my life I have learned about my own government in a unique and wonderful way.  In high school it was dry reading.  The teacher I had in high school was great and all, but how this instructor in this one college class has been teaching, I have learned how interesting it is to learn about one’s government.

I cannot wait for this semester to end, but not due to the hard work that is involved.  I am ready for the Fall Semester.  I will be taking CINE 1502 Film & Culture, ENGL 1102 Composition II, and GEOG 1101 World Human Geography.  Being an armature writer taking the CINE 1502 class would be very interesting to take.  I have always love culture, especially ancient history.  It is amazing beyond anything how they lived 5,000 years ago.  ENGL 1102 is continuation of ENGL 1101.  I learned a lot in ENGL 1101, and I am sure I will learn a lot more in ENGL 1102.

I already have a post-secondary education in computers.  Now I will have a college degree to add to it.  When the jobs are ready for me, then I will have the proper education to do the job that is required of me.  It is hard to see what that job could be, but I know I am more than a job.  I am more than any activity of life.  I am a person that loves to learn new and exciting things.  I can be a hopeless romantic with life and even that special lady waiting for this one special male.  I love to write.  I am me.

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